2018 WillPower Summer Newsletter

On The Move:
WillPower Makes The Plays!

From jet-packs to charity golf, to local sampling events at your fitness studio, to hitting the courts while joining hemp CBD innovators in both professional sports and college – WillPower has been everywhere this summer season! Watch our Events Video here.

Read all about it here, in our Summer Newsletter Exclusive!


On April 7th, 2018, WillPower launched our first successful brand activation event “Witness the WillPower Jetpack Take Flight!” at the NoCo Hemp Expo while introducing the local Denver/Boulder, Colorado market to our first hemp cbd product, ReGen(PCR) protein powder. The Annual NoCo Hemp Expo is the largest hemp-centric conference and trade show on the planet. 150+ Exhibitors, 75+ educational speakers, workshops, B2B Industry Day, Investment Summit, Farm & Ag Symposium, Global Village and Eco-fashion focused on the amazing benefits of industrial cannabis hemp. As a strong advocate for hemp farming and hemp products, WillPower’s team was excited and honored to officially open the NoCo Hemp Expo this year with a bang! And that we did… With thousands of people watching we kicked off NoCo Hemp Expo by officially launching the WillPower jetpack hundreds of feet into the air and landed it safely after. The event garnered positive praise & excitement, introduced and sampled hundreds of consumers to WillPower Products ReGen(PCR), and sold branded merchandise! Big thank you to NoCo Hemp Expo for having us, to Eric Scott our incredible “jetpack man” who pulled this stunt off, and his team at Apollo!


This summer, WillPower also kicked off an ongoing event & partner marketing effort with Sensi Magazine – tapping into the local audiences and communities in Colorado and Southern California! Our goal was to join the hemp cbd community as another strong advocate; while also introducing and educating interested consumers on the exciting benefits of hemp cbd for sports, athletes, weekend warriors, and active life-stylers. We met so many interesting people while sampling WillPower’s delicious ReGen(PCR) protein powder (in both vanilla and cinnamon cocoa flavors) to awesome crowds of cool consumers. We can’t wait to visit more new cities!


We love OUR local community! After all, Denver is where we started and we are based here – so we wanted to get the pulse on what you guys thought of WillPower’s ReGen(PCR) protein powder. So this summer, we set out to visit a few local Denver yoga and pilates studios, provide a Q/A session on hemp cbd in sports nutrition, and of course bring some awesome samples of ReGen(PCR). Luckily Tetra Lounge Yoga Studio (Denver) and Fierce45 LoHi Pilates Studio (Denver) were game! While we were keeping pace in yoga – we can’t say our founder Will Carr faired as well in pilates…get it together man! 🙂 All kidding aside – great connections were made, good questions and answers in our open door format, and introduced many people to WillPower. BIG THANK YOU to Tetra Lounge Yoga Studio (Denver) and Fierce45 LoHi Pilates Studio (Denver) for partnering with us on these programs this summer – we appreciate you guys!


Being a former college athlete, our founder Will Carr, is a strong advocate for the benefits of hemp CBD in sports nutrition programs and is on a mission to help athletes perform at their best using more natural approaches over more widely-used pharmaceutical options. Additionally, WillPower is focused on sustainability, recycling, green programs, and leaving the planet better than when we arrived in everything we do with our company. With this mission in mind – the WillPower team joined the college sports conversation at the PAC12 Sustainability Conference this summer as a voice for hemp CBD protein powders and hemp products.


Hemp CBD represents one of the most exciting natural ingredients to re-enter the farming, manufacturing, and consumer products categories in decades! WillPower is a proud advocate of hemp CBD gummies in sports nutrition for those athletes seeking healthy, natural alternatives when choosing dietary supplements like WillPower’s ReGen(PCR) protein powder. Attending The Green Sports Alliance – the WillPower team hit Atlanta with force bringing the powerful message of hemp CBD to the professional sports complex as well as sampling hundreds of attendees at the event. We even bumped into some amazing people you may recognize like Arthur Blank (owner of the Atlanta Falcons in the National Football League), and many, many more… Big thanks to Green Sports Alliance for having us – Atlanta we love you!


The WillPower team hit the 420 Games this summer in Denver, Colorado to mix, mingle, and join the conversation about hemp CBD in sports nutrition both for professional athletes and those seeking an active lifestyle that’s healthy. Thanks for having us 420 Games! We had a blast – and weekend warriors, we are looking at you too…way to hang in there!


WillPower Plays Ball! We took a summer trip to our founder‘s hometown of Quincy, Illinois –  for the 45th Annual Gus Macker Tourney, a 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament to drive awareness for WillPower and our hemp CBD protein powder, ReGen(PCR). And yes – our team got in there and played some ball! Looking good guys.


WillPower finishes strong at Hole #10! Turns out as much as we love to get out there and promote and sell great hemp CBD products it’s not ALWAYS about that. Sometimes it’s about giving back. The WillPower team was thrilled to be able to do just that in partnership with Realm of Caring, at their 5th Annual Golf Tournament this summer. WillPower sponsored Hole #10 and took part in the charity drive. Thanks for having us Realm of Caring!


Founded by a former pro-athlete, WillPower is a new startup company bringing a unique line of industrial hemp dietary supplements for sports nutrition & fitness exercise to market. Their first product is ReGen(PCR)- a first of it’s kind – unique line of industrial hemp dietary supplements for sports & fitness activity.ReGen(PCR) combines a grass fed whey protein blend, with the most advanced, high quality (phytocannabinoid rich) industrial hemp oil containing the full entourage of naturally occurring Phytocannabinoids, including Cannabidiol, sourced domestically in beautiful Colorado!

“Thank you for joining us on this evolution in sports nutrition. We don’t just say “Finish Strong” we actually do it. And that’s why we’re dedicated to bringing you the highest quality sports nutrition products to the market – ReGen(PCR) is our first offering. Thank you so much for being a part of this experience with us!”

~Will Carr, Founder WillPower